In the last 3 years, working unconnected, the institutions attracted 64 Million euros of funds through 478 projects (16% with Industry, 20% International), supported 652 researchers and baked 888 high-quality articles. Unsurprisingly, Pt-Bioterium can boost these numbers by sharing valuable knowledge and harmonizing techniques among the partners. In fact, Pt-Bioterium provides nationwide access to mice (wild type and genetically engineered), rats, acomys, rabbits, zebrafish, other large fish species, chickens, quails, dogs and pigs and to systematized phenotyping protocols for animal models (IMPReSS). Cutting-edge technologies in imaging, electrophysiology, antibodies, vaccines and viral vectors production and biobank services will be shared and a fertile cross-talk with clinicians will refine and validate animal models. This portfolio can attract external services and foster collaborations with the industry and and other institutions.