ServiceShort DescriptionInstitutions
Rodent animal models (acomys, mice and rats) - husbandry, veterinary and technical assistance
This service includes breeding and maintenance of several mouse and rat strains and acomys at a conventional or SPF/ SOPF status and technical and veterinary support to implement and use these models. Biosafety level 2 and 3 areas for infection, behavioural and surgical rooms are also available.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, FFUC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, FCUL, i3S, IBIMED-UA, ICBAS-UP; CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho; INSA; FMV-ULisboa
Non-rodent models (e.g, quail, rabbit, dog, sheep, pig) - husbandry, veterinary, tech assistanceAccess to biomedical models: quails, chicken, rabbits, dogs, sheep and swine. These are of great value to translate the most recent biomedical findings into better clinical practice. Facilities include surgery rooms, imaging technologies and species appropriated conditions for their maintenance.FM-UP, UTAD, i3S, FMV-ULisboa, ICBAS-UP, CNC-UC, ICVS/UMinho, INIAV
Fish, crustaceans, bivalves & gastropods animal models - husbandry, veterinary and technical supportFish models include zebrafish and other marine and freshwater species (tilapia, carp, trout, seabass and salmon), as well as amphibians, crustaceans, bivalves and gastropods models. Animal facilities prepared for growth trials, nutritional and digestibility studies, vaccine production and testing.FM-UP, UTAD, FCUL, i3S, CIIMAR
Hands-on training program in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and endoscopic techniquesHighly differentiated training program for medical and veterinary doctors, designed to provide expertise in standard MIS, including microsurgery, as well as in other cutting-edge techniques. Collaborations with biomedical companies ensure access to cutting edge technology.FM-UP, iBIMED-UA, FMV-ULisboa, ICBAS-UP, ICVS/UMinho
Training program in Laboratory Animal ScienceSpecific training programs, designed according to European Commission Education and Training framework and FELASA recommendations, aiming to provide training to all persons involved in the use of animals in research projects. Training initiatives include Directive functions A, B, C and D
Pre-clinical animal trials and regulated testingIn-vivo validation of new medical devices and pharmacological agents in rodents and non-rodent species. Includes proof of concept in-vivo studies and implementation of GLP validated studies to overcome regulatory requirements for pharmacological characterization.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, FFUC, ICNAS-UC, iCBR-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, FFUL, i3S, IBIMED-UA, ICBAS-UP, CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho; FMV-ULisboa
Rodent advanced surgical modelsSurgical and microsurgery equipped with supportive equipment to implement neurological, oncological, cardiovascular and immune models, among others. Includes access to anesthesia equipment, stereomicroscopes, stereotaxic equipment and monitoring devices such as EEG, ECG, pO2 and temperature control.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, FF-UL, i3S, CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho
Large animal advanced surgical techniquesSurgical theatre for large animal (pigs, dogs, sheep and rabbits) models that can be configured according to needs, providing up to 11 workstations with integrated minimal invasive surgical and endoscopic, laparoscopic (including robotic) technologies and animal surgical monitoring equipment.FM-UP, UTAD, FMV-ULisboa, CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho; INIAV
Animal tissue biobankAn animal tissue biobank, in line with 3Rs policy, ensures access to centralized processed or cryopreserved samples, after phenotyped (IMPReSS). Samples from wild type and genetically engineered rodents will be managed, catalogued and stored in a software made available to the scientific community.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, ICNAS-UC, i3S, FCUL, CICS-UBI, IBIMED-UA, INIAV
In vivo imaging technologies / platformsPromotes access to less invasive phenotyping and longitudinal studies. Available technologies include: ultrasounds and microultrasounds, X-Ray, microCT, OCT, PET, bioluminescence and fluorescence, MRI (including functional MRI), endoscopy and coloendoscopy and two photon microscopy.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, i3S, ICVS/UMinho
Production of genetically engineered mouse and zebrafish and assisted reproductive techniquesGenetically modified rodent and zebrafish strains production using CrisprCas9 and classic transgenesis. Access to cryopreservation of embryos and sperm, IVF and/or rederivation systems. New models characterization using the IMPRESS pipeline. Genotyping and sequencing services are also available.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, i3S
Behavioural and neurosciences advanced models characterizationAccess to models of cerebral ischaemia, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, Parkinson and Alzheimer, pain models, among others. Behavioural phenotyping (locomotion, anxiety, social and depression-like behaviours, learning capacity, vocalization). Electrophysiology and optogenetics available.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, FCUL, i3S; CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho
Cardiovascular advanced models characterizationCardiovascular models in mice, rats and pigs include in vivo hemodynamic evaluation with ventricular and coronary catheterization, telemetry studies, cardiac infarction, hypoxia, pulmonary hypertension models. Supportive equipment such as state-of-the-art ultrasounds and ECG are available.FM-UP, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, i3S
Oncological advanced models characterization
Oncological models in immunodeficient, wild type and genetically engineered mouse and rat models, including surgical models (orthotopic and xenografts), chemical induced models and tumour growth monitoring using in vivo technologies.CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC,UTAD, FF-UL, i3S, FMV-ULisboa, ICVS/UMinho; INSA
Immunology and infection advanced models characterizationAccess to ABSL-2 and ABSL-3 facilities allows implementing infectious models, including SARS-Cov2. Immunodeficient and genetically altered models are available. Provides polyclonal antibody production (quails, chicken, rats, birds and rabbits), vaccine development and microbiota models.FM-UP, UC-Biotech/CNC, Biomed-UC, i3S, ICVS/UMinho; INIAV; INSA
Ageing advanced models characterization and novel regenerative medicine strategiesAvailable models include bone, skin, cardiac, nerve and spinal cord regeneration in mice, rats and acomys. Genetically engineered mice models are also available, including models of Hutchinson Gilford disease.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, i3S, ICVS/UMinho, ICBAS-UP
Metabolism, lifestyle interventions and nutrition advanced modelsIncludes access to diabetic and obesity models, metabolic analysis (also in Oroboros and Seahorse) and exercise protocols in a closed chamber treadmill with a gas analyser for rodents. Metabolic tests on wild mammals. Fish models are available to study the impact of feeding regimens on human health.FM-UP, UC-Biotech/CNC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, UTAD, FCUL, i3S, CICS-UBI
Transversal supportive techniquesThe network ensures access to supportive techniques during experimental procedures or for post experiment sample analysis. These include histopathology, flow cytometry, advanced microscopy, sequencing and other molecular biology techniques.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, i3S, ICBAS-UP, CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho
Drosophila genetic studiesWild type and genetically engineered models of drosophila are available for genetic studies.i3S
3 Rs, animal welfare, translation and scientific consultationWe offer 3Rs consultation services, provided by ORBEA members, for pre–clinical studies, validation of animal models (comparing, selecting and refining novel and existing models). We will promote regular workshops, debates and information on the best practices for animal experimentation.FM-UP, CNC-UC, Biomed-UC, iCBR-UC, ICNAS-UC, AD-ABC, UTAD, FF-UL, FCUL, i3S, FMV-ULisboa; CIIMAR, ICBAS-UP, iBiMED-UA, CICS-UBI, ICVS/UMinho, INIAV, INSA